Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to accommodate all your spa and pool needs. Come on in or give us a call anytime of the year! You’ll always speak with a knowledgeable and friendly staff member to get the service you need scheduled.


We open and close above ground pools, inground pools, spas, and swim spas. Call early in the season to schedule an appointment so that you will be sure to have a date that works with your schedule.
We offer a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service for pools and spas. We balance your chemicals, vacuum, clean the filter, and anything else that needs to be done, so that your pool or spa stays beautiful all season.
We repair pool and spa equipment, troubleshoot problems, pressure tests for leaks, patch liners, and more. Contact us to schedule a service call.
Selling or buying a home? A pool inspection performed by our professionally trained staff can be just as important as the home inspection.
Have you recently purchased a new home with a pool or spa? Our service team can walk you through using your new pool or spa and its components.
There are many ways to upgrade a pool so that it looks new and fresh and easier to maintain. Call or stop in for some pamphlets or a quote!
Keeping your pool or spa clean and making the water sparkle is easy with a monthly professional water test. All we need is your pool or spa size (or the gallons) and about 6oz. of water in a non-metallic container and we can tell you exactly what you water needs and how much of it to add. It’s free with any purchase!